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Tai chi has been referred to as 'yoga in motion', a moving meditation - in fact, some call it a moving medication - a marvelous way to take control of your life and wellbeing. To create a more vibrant "you".

Potential Benefits include:

Stress reduction, increased relaxation, improved sleep, better focus and concentration, increased flexibility, improved core, leg and back strength, enhanced immune system, reduced pain, reduced back pain, better balance, improved memory, improved circulation, and increased coordination. Wow!

However -
There are two vitally important
Keys to Success

1. Do not purchase a DVD where the instructor faces the camera. Think about it. If he goes to the left, you must go right. Forward is backward. It can drive you crazy.

2. Do not try to learn too many postures in a class OR by DVD. Most instructors focus on the number of postures, but the essence of tai chi can be found in just one posture. Better to practice a few great postures than many weak ones.

Read this:
How to Choose a Tai Chi DVD


* Our Best Selling Easy Tai Chi DVDs are professional teaching videos, featuring a small number of powerful moves taught with Keith's back to the camera.

We offer tai chi to fit any schedule. Anytime, anywhere. Simple, easy and profoundly effective.

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