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Easy Tai Chi Seminar June 30 - July 3, 2006

Class of July, 2006
Participants came from New York, Costa Rica, Washington, Pennsylvania,
California, British Columbia

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A few Group comments

One Day "Train the Trainer" Seminar

"This day was brilliant, dedicated to teaching us to teach, teaching us to present in a professional and competent manner."

"The workshop will help me both with organizing and delivering 4 Minute Fitness and Easy Tai Chi, as well as boosted my confidence which will help me actually start."

"What a huge boost in my self-confidence -- now I know I can teach!"

"I love the interaction portion of the seminar -- I realize, now that I have faced by fears, how easy this will be."

"The information was excellent.  It will certainly increase my ability to draw people into any public speaking that I do."

"...an extremely well-organized presentation with lots of opportunity for practice.  I learned concrete tools to improve my presentation."


Three Day Easy Tai Chi Seminar

"I learned far more than I believed possible in three days.  My right knee and foot actually hurt less than when I started!"

"Keith's ability to teach is inspiring. He did more than teach movements -- he taught principles, concepts and philosophy."

"While I have little martial arts background, the defense functionality of the moves adds another dimension."

"The breathing, waist and exercise potential far exceeds Tai Chi Chih"

"This weekend really solidified the form for me.  While I learned a lot from the video, the personal instruction, watching and moving with others, and the video taping are invaluable tools."

"I found the introduction of waist movement and breathing to be extremely valuable for me and it will no doubt enhance my Yang long form."

"I absolutely love the new Easy Tai Chi Core moves!"

"I love the expansive feeling of the new Core form."

"Delightful group environment, and beyond friendly and intimate setting.  Great pacing also."

"Keith offers so much attention to details which are absent in many other forms of tai chi."

"...a great group of people, wonderful hosts - and I learned more than I can imagine."

"As great as Keith's DVDs are, the seminar really took the moves to a new level in just three days.  I will encourage anyone, teacher or student, to attend the next seminar."

"I had a wonderful time -- I learned a lot especially around core movement.  You certainly squeeze a lot of activity into small number of movies -- a terrific work out"

"The seminars provide a wonderful opportunity to refine the moves. My advice to anyone reading this - if you have the opportunity, please, please, please attend one of these seminars. You will find HUGE value.

"I was in seventh heaven last July getting all that time to train with you. You're such a constant inspiration to me, Keith."


 Tai Chi on Vancouver Island - Fun in the Sun!


 And... Fun in the Shade


Beach Play


Well deserved rest time


Applications - a fun and interesting aspect of Easy Tai Chi


Partner Exercises


More Core Stretching


* Special thanks to Maggie MacLaren for the photos! *

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