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Biography - Keith Jeffery, DVM

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Biography taken from the American Tai Chi Association
(Keith is on the Advisory Board)

Dr. Keith Jeffery, a 35 year Tai Chi veteran, is a world leader in the field of Tai Chi for fitness and health promotion. He has created many very popular and effective Tai Chi instructional videos and nutritional audio tapes. Much of his time is devoted to teaching 4 Minute Fitness to businesses and organizations, helping employees learn easy and effective ways to decrease stress and find balance and peace.

As well, Dr. Jeffery certifies instructors and teaches the general public Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness for health enhancement through videos, web based distance learning programs and international seminars.

Dr. Jeffery has an extensive Western medical background (companion animal veterinarian) and Eastern Complementary and Alternative training in Tai Chi and Qigong. By integrating the health benefits from Western and Eastern medicine, he developed consumer-oriented Tai Chi video programs such as "Tai Chi for Busy People" and "4 Minute Fitness", emphasizing the need to easily and effectively create balance and vitality in a fast changing, time pressured society.

Keith is committed to promoting Tai Chi for health improvement. He is an outstanding public speaker and coach of the coaches.


Dr. Keith Jeffery – some relevant experience

Dr. Keith Jeffery is an international motivational trainer, and has been teaching tai chi for almost 40 years. He incorporates vital principles from yoga, meditation, martial arts, breathing and energy work, modern and ancient philosophy, and even some cool physics and the science of feeling great. He is a retired veterinarian who makes complex information simple and relevant - perfect for the Western mind.

He is well qualified and experienced:

He has been a keynote speaker in many major North American cities, presenting to groups ranging from 50 - 2500. As well, he has lead one day and two day seminars for groups up to 600 participants. Topics include health issues, motivational and personal development seminars and, of course – tai chi.

His 4 Minute Fitness corporate seminars have been increasingly popular with businesses and organizations. They are fun, motivating, effective, team building, and produce more vibrant and resourceful employees. A win win situation.

He presents complex issues in a manner that is easy to grasp. A few years ago he sold over a million ‘easy to understand’ health based marketing audio tapes.

He has a doctorate (retired veterinarian), and is well spoken in alternative issues.

Past trainings and experience are extensive and include:

- 4 month intensive tai chi instruction from Sam Masich (North American tai chi champion several years running)
- a week with internationally renown teacher and author Chungliang Al Huang
- many other tai chi seminars and workshops
- a black belt in Goju karate after 4 1/2 years of training
- intensive 8 day meditations
- tantra workshops
- a five day training with Brian Biro (author of ‘Beyond Success’ and ‘A Joyful Spirit’)
- many personal development seminars
- 5 day Thai Massage course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cultivation of Chi and Sexual Energy

Keith has developed a keen interest in the cultivation and movement of chi within and around the body. He uses various techniques - tai chi, qigong, sexual (Tantra) techniques, breathing techniques, sound (he is a violinist and didgeridoo player) and a keen interest in quantum physics to develop ways to build energy. He teams with Krisanna Jeffery to teach Tantric workshops.

Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary


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