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Relaxation Self Hypnosis Audio
- by Krisanna Jeffery


This recording is designed to help you feel better. It is in no way designed to diagnose or treat a disease. The techniques offered in this recording are powerful and can be very effective.
If you feel dizzy, or have any reaction that you do not like, then simply stop and do something else.

Always check with your health care provider with any questions you may have.

This is one track taken from Krisanna Jeffery's popular Timeless Pleasure audio CD.

People simply love this recording as it is so effective in reducing stress and creating a deep state of relaxation. (And who doesn't need to be more relaxed these days?).

If you want to listen to this recording daily, then simply leave this browser page open and listen whenever you wish. Or download the file to your computer, then perhaps to your MP3 player.

Please sit back and close your eyes. Please make yourself extremely comfortable, and click the PLAY button below.

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This recording is part of Krisanna's Great Sex for Life Toolkit. If you interested in improving your life, your health and your relationships by improving the quality of your sex life, please visit her site.

The Timeless Pleasure self hypnosis CD can be purchased
as part of the kit, or alone.

For more information on Krisanna's Great Sex for Life Toolkit,
visit Krisanna's sites:


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