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Easy T'ai Chi Symposium

Next Symposium - Nov. 8 - 11, 2019
Palm Desert, CA

Symposium Payment -
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Attend one or both.

Day 1 and Day 2 - Vital Principles and First Time Certification.
Early Bird price - $399

Goal - Focus on basic principles for ALL students, and on Certification for those interested. All in JUST TWO DAYS.

This shortened clinic will allow people with limited time to train and, for those in the Certification program to qualify for Certification - in JUST TWO DAYS. My attention will be given more so to first time and less experienced students, teaching the vital basics needed to create a higher level of practice thereby dramatically increasing benefits. Perfect for those with limited time, perfect for all past Symposium students who need a refresher.

Our primary focus will be Tai Chi for Busy People (the Infinite Nine) and the ever popular 4 Minute Fitness.     

Day 3 and Day 4 - Advanced study and One
on One Training.
Early Bird Pricing - $399
PLUS - Learn Easy Tai Chi CORE, FLOW and STICK

Goal - focus on more Advanced students who will enjoy more personalized training at a deeper level, as well as more time studying
Easy Tai Chi CORE, FLOW and STICK (see descriptions below).

More advanced students - these two days are yours. Beginning students may attend and find great benefits, but I want to work with you at a deeper level on postures, principles, CORE, FLOW and STICK. I've been itching to do this for a long time...  Instructors wishing to reach higher levels of Certification must attend these days.

All 4 Days - all the bells and whistles.
Early Bird Price - $499

Any student - no matter what skill level -
is encouraged to stay for the full 4 days.

For people with less experience, Day 3 and 4 will be a terrific introduction to more advanced principles and to Easy Tai Chi CORE, FLOW and STICK (see descriptions below). You will learn lots!

And more advanced students will always learn from a review of the basic principles taught on Day 1 and 2. Plus - they will get a chance to teach students of all levels - great practice for the "real world".

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We are taking a brand new approach to these seminars, an approach that will be even more effective than our past wildly successful Symposiums. We want you to leave confident in your abilities and rarin' to go! Therefore, this weekend is very much hands on, very interactive with many opportunities to teach and to practice.

1. Creating CONFIDENT practitioners - making your practice spectacular!

These Clinics are perfect for anyone who has learned the Easy Tai Chi (Infinite Nine) form from the DVD. As always, our main goal is to improve your technique. Better technique ALWAYS creates improved benefits. And all students will be surrounded by passionate, caring and skilled teachers.

2. Creating CONFIDENT teachers - One on one instruction and teaching practice

First and foremost - we will have a chance to practice and perfect the teaching scripts in small, supportive groups. I have come to realize that just because people have my DVD's and the on-line manuals, and they can do the moves - there is no guarantee that they can teach. These scripts will create a massive jump in your personal skills, and in your ability to relay those skills to students. So we will have fun with the scripts and you will leave with more confidence than ever.

Of course, you will learn the basics, and there will be lots of time for individual coaching.

PLUS - lots of FUN!

- We will host a Welcome gathering (attendance optional)
- We will offer a Business Training
- And fun times in local eateries

Basic Easy Tai Chi Forms  (you must be somewhat familiar with these)

4 Minute Fitness

The core of all of our movement. Learn important advanced details that will dramatically increase your understanding of all tai chi postures and principles. Oh yeah - and to feel even better, too.

Tai Chi for Busy People

One of the most popular short forms ever created. We'll add surprising, interesting and powerful techniques to help you love it all over again!

Advanced Easy Tai Chi Forms

Easy Tai Chi CORE

We will have time to dramatically increase your understanding of this powerful form. It is advisable to be somewhat familiar with Easy Tai Chi CORE should you wish to partake in this session, so pull out your DVD and start playing with these terrific moves.

Easy Tai Chi FLOW

Learn a brand new form - either a stand alone or extension of the Infinite Nine and CORE. You will love this new form - the moves are gorgeous. This day will be dedicated to teaching these moves, increasing skill level and working on maximizing benefits.

While the focus is on FLOW, everything you learn will increase your overall understanding and skill level.

Advanced registrants will receive web pages that demonstrate this form - for pre-study and for practice after the Symposium.

NEW Easy Tai Chi STICK

Weapons are extensions of the body and weapons forms can be interesting and beautiful. STICK is graceful, athletic and a joy to practice. I chose to use a 4 foot Jo staff because they are effective, fun to handle and very inexpensive (a 4 foot 15/16" or 1" dowel from Lowes - I will have a few extra if you are arriving by air)

Once you have learned the form, no worries about remembering the postures as I will give you a video link you can use for home study.

Special Advanced Principles Offered in 2019

Secrets of a Structurally Perfect Form...
...That Flows Like a Great River

To create flow within perfection,
- we will incorporate Lock/Release (new)
- PLUS we will be adding "Duende"
- PLUS we will play with the Secret of the Driving Hand combined with Lock/Release
- PLUS we will incorporate Space Holding/Spot Holding
- PLUS we will add proper tai chi breathing techniques.

FREE Breathing Training
Audio CD

Participants will receive a free Audio CD Download designed to improve breathing flow. It is simple - it just takes 5 - 25 minutes a day (whatever time you can spare) and can dramatically improve your overall breathing ability. And your tai chi flow.


CLINIC ONE - Nov. 8 - 9, 2019. Get in, get out - 2 days.

CLINIC TWO - Nov. 10 - 11, 2019.
More Advanced

BOTH Clinics - Nov. 8 - 11, 2019

Seminar Fees

   Symposium Package - 4 Full Days Early Bird - US $499

One Clinic - Two Days Only
Early Bird - US $399

* Couples - 10% for off per person
* Share transportation and room costs by bringing a friend.

Financially challenged? Call Dr. Jeffery @ 1 866 682-4244 after noon Eastern to discuss possible partial scholarships and/or extending payments over 3 months.

To Register and Pay - click here

Where?  Homewood Suites

45-200 Washington Street
La Quinta, CA
Phone:  760-391-4600  Fax:  760-391-4601

Ask for the special "Tai Chi Symposium" rates!
        Or mention Group Code "TCS"


To get here - fly into the beautiful Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), and take a cab or Uber to the hotel.

Special Conference room rate - US $129/night
- including
breakfast, kitchen, Internet, parking, pool, spa - and NO resort fee
These suites are ideal for room sharing and meal preparation.
And... Trader Joes is close by!

We have a lovely conference room that opens to the pool for training outdoors.


Comments from past sessions

"The program was informative, inspirational and intoxicating... The in-depth teaching that takes place cannot be obtained by reviewing the DVD. The atmosphere created by Keith, advanced teachers and students opened up my capacity for self awareness; a special gift I will always keep close to my heart."

"If you want to teach, come to the training.  It is invaluable.  The one on one and small-group experiences help to improve upon the skills you already have.  There's so much more than the DVD alone can offer.  It is definitely worth the price."

"After attending five Symposiums, I received a lot of knowledge that I would otherwise missed.  This Symposium helped me achieve a better understanding of what I am teaching and a new outlook towards tai chi."

"My knowledge of tai chi just doubled and made me even more excited about teaching.  I firmly believe that all those who want to teach and perfect their tai chi should attend."

"Bruce and I really thought about missing the Symposium in Greensboro. So glad we didn't! We learned so much and I know that it will help my other martial arts and life. The Symposium gave us so much more than we paid for. Dr. J - keep up the great work!."

"It was a wonderful Symposium! I would urge everyone to attend next year."

"Very worth the time and effort.  Life-changing.  The possibilities are endless"

"The enthusiasm generated was so contagious.  I was able to learn more tai chi in this seminar than in nine weeks of study."

"If you want to feel great inside and out, attend Dr. Jeffery's program.  Thank you!!!"

"Attending will enhance your performance beyond any other tai chi training on the market today"

As a life long martial arts professional, I must say this was the best seminar I have ever attended!"

"After years of martial arts and tai chi seminars, this was the most helpful.  The level of detail for each movement was great.  It was refreshing to cover the fundamentals in such depth."

"I learned more in one weekend about tai chi than in the last 10 years of practice."

Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary



Dynamic Duo
(Beginner package)



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