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Easy Tai Chi Teacher Certification

Join us! We have almost 1800 Easy Tai Chi teachers or up-and-coming teachers worldwide.

People LOVE our modern approach to teaching tai chi - short, powerful manageable forms that fit into any busy schedule.

We are one of the few Tai Chi Certifying bodies in the world.
If you are going to teach, teach a method that works!

Here is What You Need to Know

Fact: Most Tai Chi instructors teach too many postures, too quickly, too superficially. Hence, most of their students quit in extreme frustration.

Fact: Our Certified Instructors teach a smaller number of postures in depth. Students love the pace of learning, feel the benefits quickly and usually stay with the program.

Fact: Some of our Teachers are Certified in just a few months.

Cost: Split your cost into TWO easy payments.

1. NOW - Just $299 for the course materials and support.

2. LATER - pay the balance later when you choose your Certification method
   - $189 for evaluation of your video, or......
- $399 - $499 for our 2 - 4 day Symposium, or.....  
   - $599 for a private evaluation
- That's it. No annual fees.

You Will be Certified to Teach 2 Programs:

1. 4 Minute Fitness - a combination of tai chi and qigong. Perfect for one-on-one personal training, for small groups, or as a health and wellness motivational seminar for groups of any size. Audiences - individuals, disease support groups (MS, strokes, veterans groups Parkinson's, people with limited mobility, etc), businesses, churches and other organizations.

2. Easy Tai Chi - a small number of traditional, powerful tai chi postures taught in depth. Easier to remember, easier to teach. Usually offered in weekly classes, but perfect for weekend intensives.

Here is What You Get:

- 4 Minute Fitness DVD

- Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body DVD

- Tai Chi for Busy People DVD

- Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD

- 24+ additional advanced video clips

- Great Life Meditations audio CD digital download for any device. Seven of our most popular ten minute guided relaxation meditations.

- Easy Weight Loss for Busy People audio CD digital download for any device

- Be the Best You Can Be e-book - on-line study manual to deepen your practice and maximize benefits. Designed to make you a better teacher.

- Ready to Go Business Manual - now that you are Certified, how do you get students. Sent after Certification.

- Invaluable support and motivational emails

- Permission to use the trademarked names above.

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(Note: Keith now Certifies students using audio evaluations
sent to students by email)

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We have almost 1800 people in this program.
Are you ready to join us?

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  - TWO Great Life Meditation CD's
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Note: 30 day Guarantee exclusion

* Ultimate and Certification packages, wholesale orders and ANY orders that include downloadable material (except the follow along digital Tai Chi CD) are excluded from the guarantee as downloaded material cannot be returned.


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