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These are actual comments taken from the thousands of emails we receive. I simply "cut and paste" from the emails onto this page. All comments with last name are posted with permission.

 checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    Yoga Journal review  "This program stresses the health benefits... Jeffery reviews and expertly demonstrates each move in sequence, all the while dispensing down-home philosophy and amusing stories. ...overall this is an interesting and enjoyable presentation. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a short tai chi sequence which can be used for meditation, relaxation or just a good time."

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    From Barnes and Noble site: Hosted by noted tai chi instructor Dr. Keith Jeffery, this video offers seven 10 minute lessons on the basic tenets and exercises of tai chi. Included are the basic principles of tai chi, yoga, some martial arts, breathing and meditation designed to bring viewers increased energy and strength while offering a relaxing and refreshing pause in the midst of their busy routines.
    Rob Ferrier, All Movie Guide

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    From the Tai Chi Site: "A solid introduction to tai chi by Dr. Keith Jeffery. Teaches a 5 minute easy to memorize "infinite nine" form. Clearly and easily untangles each step and hand movement. Uses a wall of mirrors to show front and back views of each movement. Teaches the form in small, manageable sections of the sequences."

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "This is absolutely, positively the BEST Tai Chi video I have ever seen!!!"
    R. McCain, CA

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    I just have to say that I started learning Tai Chi from Keith 22 years ago. I went on to study with several Masters, including Master Don Ahn in New York City. All my teachers are amazing individuals, but I can tell you there is no-one better to learn this great martial art from then Keith. He is a Master without the need for the title, and his videos are the best I've seen on the subject. Anyone serious about learning Tai Chi can easily do so from any of Keith's videos - I have taught myself and even choreographed for television, and I still use Keith's videos exclusively as refreshers. If you're curious about Tai Chi, learn from the best - learn from my teacher - Dr. Keith Jeffery.
    S. Tilbe, BC

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I've studied Tai chi before, but (your DVD ) is laid out very well.  It gives a similar feeling to a live class, and the pace is great."
    R. Hill, Alberta

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Hi Keith, first of all I would like to thank you for a fantastic Tai Chi
for busy people DVD. Your approach explaining the concepts, context and
concentrating on a small series of moves in a relaxed presentation style
is a brilliant one
and I am enjoying it thoroughly!"
    S. Hand, UK

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I arose this morning to a beautiful sunny day. I stepped out on the deck and started doing my easy tai chi. As I breathed in the crisp sea air a pod of Orcas swam by and put on a show for me. What a pleasant way to start my birthday. Often as I do this routine I think of you, Dr. Jeffery and how you might critique my form (I try to loosen up and smile more), but today especially as I look out over Vancouver Island I can't help but feel grateful for the gift you've given me."
    D. Corkery, SC

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "The DVD's are marvelous, thank you!"
B.E., CA

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Your teaching method is wonderful. I can actually follow along and learn the moves. I can't tell you how excited I am about this and I'm actually considering certifying to teach. "
     C. Hunt, ID

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "The first two DVDs were very beneficial to me [4 Minute Fitness video & Tai Chi for Busy People] .Its a great martial art. I'm thirsty for more instruction.
In just a few weeks I'm more flexible in my back and have noticed improved posture."

Yes Dr Jeffrey - you may use my comments on your website. This is a positive thing you are promoting. I have visited other websites and found some more interested in marketing than the actual art also with exorbitant prices. I find your approach to be most practical and reasonably priced. I look forward to learning more from the Easy Tai Chi CORE video. Thanks again.
    S. Sorenson, NS

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes) "I have noticed a considerable improvement in balance and flexibility, which my doctor says is 100% from your courses. I take my blood pressure every time I finish tai chi, and notice it drops 15 points every time. And stays at normal when it settles down after tai chi."
    W. Cuthbert, Japan

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Tai Chi For Busy People’s real value lies in how clearly it communicates the basic elements that most videos ignore or give short-shrift, like proper posture, breathing, proper foot position and how to self-check them
    P. Glaze (

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    I purchased "The Works" at  the end of May, and it has proven to be one of the best investments I've ever made!  I've learned the Infinite Nine, and I'm slowly adding some of the Tai Chi Core movements to my practice. I've lost 28 lbs., stabilized my blood sugar level (I'm hypoglycemic), and have more energy than I've had in years. In addition to the physical benefits, I'm less stressed out and have much more focus. My friends, family, and co-workers have noticed the physical and mental changes, and they all say "keep doing what you're doing."  I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.
I simply cannot thank you enough----you've given me a new lease on life.
     R. S, VA

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Thank you so much for your talent and expertise in putting together such a wonderful practice for people to understand.  I'd taken an adult Tai Chi class before, and it was not nearly so easy to learn or fun to do as yours is."
    C. Lum, HI

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "... a marvelous instructional video. You bring it all to such a personal level in such a manner that I feel I know you.  ...it is truly wonderful how treating the body well can turn a former "couch potato" into a vibrant person who is now enjoying life again!!!"
    D. Kaden, CA

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I have three words to define your videos - wonderful, wonderful, wonderful"
    J. de Oliveira, Brazil

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I have your Tai Chi for Busy People video and it's the best instructional video I have found. I've looked at many Tai Chi videos and not one compares to yours.  Even those by Chinese Tai Chi masters; they're just too complicated and difficult to follow"
    A. Ugarte, FL

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "The video is outstanding!"
     Clive Jenkins, England

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I hope more people will learn about Dr. Jeffery's easy teaching methods for Tai Chi."
    S. Shilcrat, UT

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "I like your approach - this is the best tai chi video I have seen so far!"
    R. Philps, WA

 checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    I just wanted to thank you for your DVD's and CD's.  I have been practicing for the past few months and have really benefitted from the teacher certification series.   I am feeling much more relaxed and focused.
    B. Piekarski, NY

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