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Tai Chi for Busy People...
...our original best selling DVD

"Revolutionary" is often overused,
but consider this...
In the centuries of tai chi instruction...

- there has never been a teaching tool quite like this - a tool that makes this powerful martial art easily available to the busy people who need it the most  (98% of North Americans)...
- in a short period of time....
- in a manner that is a joy to learn!

Soon after this package was released, it almost instantly found a home on the cover of a Book of the Month catalogue, and in Readers Digest...

The idea is timely, and has been very well received with hundreds of thousands sold!

In essence, beginners AND advanced practitioners, ‘Busy People’, seniors, working folks, parents or anyone dealing with stress or any disease process can learn a simple, straightforward, totally time flexible, brand new series of moves appropriately called "The Infinite Nine".

All in the comfort and convenience of home - with no weekly classes.  And no annual teaching fees.

DVD Features

* incredible wildlife footage relating tai chi to nature, including exciting footage of a bald eagle swooping down to steal lunch from an otter, and sections demonstrating the majestic movement and orchestrated interaction of thousands of birds.

* a specially designed indoor teaching studio  with 12 feet of mirrors, to allow you to see both the front and the back of the instructor.

* modern and ancient wisdom throughout - often using natural settings to illustrate the point.

* short 10 minute lessons, with clear stopping points ("take a break, and practice") - once a day for just one week. That's it.

* continual change of teaching setting - to keep the attention of that busy person. Many visually beautiful and wild locations.

* digitally recorded

* perfect tai chi background music, offered by Bill Konsorado, and Dean and Dudley Evanson of Soundings of the Planet.

* light and effective teaching style, designed to help you remember the important concepts

Here is a very low resolution video sample:

Note - eagle shown on video is stealing a dead fish,
NOT a baby otter

Can't see the video? Click here

An added bonus - a FREE follow along audio CD digital download for your phone or tablet, fully describing each of the moves.
Learn first from the DVD, but no need for memorization. Simply use the recording to follow along with the detailed instructions. It’s simple, and most importantly - it's stress free!

Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary


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