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Do you want to share 4 Minute Fitness, Tai Chi for Busy People and Easy Weight Loss for Busy People with your family and friends?

We make it easy, and you will save money! Perfect for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, office rewards and bonuses, or for simply giving to those important people in your life. All at a significantly reduced price.

This year, offer gifts that will increase the quality of life. And - even better - these gifts are non-fattening :-)

Order any combination of 6 or more: (order all one title OR mix and match)
- DVD's - receive a
50% discount!

 * Mix and match - order one or more of each title (total order of any combination of titles must be 6 units)*

PLUS - There is no additional charge for shipping for any quantity over 6 units, reducing your overall costs on larger orders.

As well, if you have them sent "ground", you will save shipping expenses. But you need to order well ahead.

Note: wholesale orders are not returnable unless defective.

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Tai Chi for Busy People DVDs

Price US $9.98 
(50% discount)

T'ai Chi for Busy People DVD

               100% SECURE


4 Minute Fitness DVDs

Price US $9.98
(50% discount)

4 Minute Fitness DVD

               100% SECURE


Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body DVDs

Price US $9.98  
(50% discount)

4 Minute Fitness DVD

               100% SECURE


NEW!  Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD

Price US $9.97    
(50% discount)

Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD

               100% SECURE

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