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Easy Tai Chi Teacher Certification - CANADA 

We are NOT currently admitting more Certification students into our program.
Please contact me if you are interested.

Join us! We have almost 1800 Easy Tai Chi teachers or up-and-coming teachers worldwide.

People LOVE our modern approach to teaching tai chi - short, powerful manageable forms that fit into any busy schedule.

We are one of the few Tai Chi Certifying bodies in the world. If you are going to teach, teach a method that works!



1. DON'T buy any program where the instructor faces the camera. This is SO VERY, VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT!  Having to transpose the moves makes learning impossible. You will fail to learn as a student, and will never teach.

2. DON'T purchase a Certification program that teaches a lot of moves. Most of your new, enthusiastic students will quit in frustration after just 3 or 4 classes. The essence of what we teach is on the quality of each posture, NOT the number of postures.

3. DON'T think you will be a skilled teacher by taking a weekend mini course. You will not be good, and you may be dangerous. Ask yourself - would you want an instructor whose sole training was just one weekend???

4. DON'T buy a program that features a lot of postures. It will  be expensive, take you forever to learn and you won't make a difference in the lives of your students because most will quit. 


1. Do choose a DVD where the instructor uses a mirrored studio (so you can see both sides) and turns his back to you, so you all go the same direction. You then feel like you are in a class - learning is so much easier!

2. DO choose a Certification program that teaches a small number of postures that focuses on key secrets, vital principles that will give you AND your students the greatest number of benefits.

3. DO choose a program that offers DVDs, videos and a manual for pre-study so you are skilled by the time you choose to be Certified. A program that allows you to study at your own pace. A program that fits into busy schedules.

4. DO choose a Certification Program that is "road tested". We have close to 2000 teachers and soon to be teachers in our program

5. DO choose a program that offers more than one program to offer to your students in a step by step manner. We offer 4 Minute Fitness, Tai Chi for Busy People for your beginning students. And for those who want more, you can add Easy Tai Chi CORE, Easy Tai Chi FLOW and Easy Tai Chi STICK to your teaching repertoire.

6. Do choose a program that offers live assessment of your postures, and our beginning teaching skills as part of your training.


1. NOW - Buy the Certification Course. For a limited time, save $350! Now just $149 for the distance training course materials (for pre-study) and support. Purchase the program at the bottom of this page.

2. LATER - Choose your Certification method
    - NEW and Easiest! Live video evaluation - $299
(1.5 - 2 hours)
   - $189 for evaluation of a series of videos you send to Keith  
   - $599 for a private, in person evaluation with Keith.
- That's it. No annual fees.

You Will be Certified to Teach 2 Programs:

1. 4 Minute Fitness - a combination of tai chi and qigong. Perfect for one-on-one personal training, for small groups, or as a health and wellness motivational seminar for groups of any size. Audiences - individuals, disease support groups (MS, strokes, veterans groups Parkinson's, people with limited mobility, etc), businesses, churches and other organizations.

2. Easy Tai Chi - a small number of traditional, powerful tai chi postures taught in depth. Easier to remember, easier to teach. Usually offered in weekly classes, but perfect for weekend intensives.

The Teacher Package Includes:

DVD #1. 4 Minute Fitness Tai Chi
A super easy, remarkably effective short series of Tai Chi
and qigong moves - all done standing or sitting. For anyone, any age, anywhere.

DVD #2. Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body DVD
A live 4 Minute Fitness seminar to help you maximize benefits. Keith has taught this seminar to over ten thousand people.

DVD #3. Tai Chi for Busy People
Nine traditional Tai Chi movements taught in depth, rather than dozens superficially. Designed to fit into small rooms.
Once you have learned, load our free follow along digital CD to
your phone and listen to Keith guide you - anywhere, anytime

DVD #4. Easy Tai Chi CORE DVD
More tai chi, with special work on the back and core. Can be done alone, or added onto the Tai Chi for Busy People form. Yang and Chen styles. A short series of stunning moves.


- Great Life Meditations
Digital download for any device. Seven of our most popular ten minute guided relaxation meditations. Download or click and listen

- Easy Weight Loss for Busy People
Digital download audio CD for any portable device. Or just click and listen. Weight loss through the eyes of a veterinarian :-)

- "Be the Best You Can Be" e-book
An on-line study manual to deepen your practice and maximize benefits.

- 24+ additional advanced on line video clips

- invaluable support and motivational emails

- the "Ready to Go" Business Manual - now that you are Certified, how do you get students. Sent after Certification.

- Permission to use the trademarked names above.

We have almost 1800 people in this program.
Are you ready to join us?

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If you need help or have questions, call toll free
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Advanced Training - Possible Next Steps

There are various teaching levels and steps you may wish to take after you have become Certified. For more information, click here

Note: 30 day Return exclusion

* Ultimate and Certification packages, wholesale orders and ANY orders that include downloadable material (except the follow along digital Tai Chi CD) are excluded from the guarantee as downloaded material cannot be returned.

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