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"Hi. Keith Jeffery here. About me...

- I've been teaching tai chi for almost 40 years, certifying instructors for 20 years. My main goal is to help you to get the results you desire.

- I really hate seeing people buy DVDs that do not work. So - to help you get the best start and maximize your results - I offer the crucial guidelines below.

- if you follow my advice, odds are very good you will succeed. If you don't follow my advice, odds are good you will fail. If you fail, don't give up. Bookmark my site so you can come back and try again, next time using our best selling DVDs.

- My web pages are simple and secure, the font is large so my senior visitors can read with ease.

- If you need help, you can reach me toll free at
1 (866) 682-4244 after 9 AM Pacific. No answer means I am likely helping someone else, so... don't be shy - leave a message."



1. DON'T buy any video where the instructor faces the camera. This is SO VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT!  After about 3 movements, you will give up in frustration.

2. DON'T purchase a DVD that teaches a lot of moves. You want to learn each posture in detail, not just watch dozens of postures and follow along.

3. DON'T choose solely on price. Often the less expensive DVD's are not designed as teaching videos.

4. DON'T try to learn tai chi movement from a book. It is very difficult. A video is worth 10,000 words.

5. DON'T assume that because a celebrity is teaching that the quality will be high. Most celebrities are not t'ai chi professionals.

6. DON'T be fooled by a pretty cover. Often the inside is boring.

7. Choose an experienced instructor. Master Instructor Dr. Keith Jeffery has been teaching since 1980 and certifying teachers for over 18 years.

Easy Tai Chi DVD's include none of the above,
and feature everything listed below


1. Do choose a DVD where the instructor uses a mirrored studio (so you can see both sides) and turns his back to you, so you all go the same direction. You then feel like you are in a class - learning is so much easier!

2. DO read comments from actual users. They are people like you who have tried the DVD and were excited enough to write back with comments. (See "Testimonials" on the left)

3. DO choose a DVD that is "road tested". Our best selling DVDs have been carried by companies like Readers Digest.

4. DO check for a money back guarantee. No guarantee means no confidence in the product. If the DVD is long, complex or difficult to follow, you have no recourse.

5. DO take the time to read through web site pages to get a sense of the teacher and his/her skill level and dedication. Many sites are just one or two pages designed to sell a product, offering nothing else of value.

6. DO look for innovations designed to make learning easy. T'ai chi can be ever so complex, but it doesn't have to be that way. We make it so very easy!

7. DO look for DVD's that will be interesting to watch, and fun to learn. You may as well enjoy the process!

8. DO choose a teacher who offers free continuing support. Check out our Easy Tai Chi Community Forum Facebook page and enroll for our FREE Training and Support newsletter. Check out our Better Tai Chi - Hints page. All free.

* Our Best Selling Easy Tai Chi DVDs are professional teaching videos.  
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